Applicant must ensure to get printout of his/her online application form duly signed & verified by the concerned HACR/Actt and attested by a G.O. duly stamped and should reach in QAC/PHQ upto 25th of the same month, failing which his/her name will not be considered for allotment of qtr.(Type III & above) of that month.
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  1. No. 20736-836/AC-I/QAC/PHQ DATED 13/11/2019
  2. No. 20210-310/AC-I/QAC/PHQ DATED 05/11/2019
  3. No. 20109-209/AC-I/QAC/PHQ DATED 05/11/2019
  4. No. 4991-5040/QAC-I/PHQ DATED 02/04/2012
  5. No. 4708-4700/QAC-I/PHQ DATED 29/03/2012
  6. No. 21904-21985/QAC-I/PHQ DATED 22/12/2011
  7. No. 8062-8130/QAC-I/PHQ DATED 25/04/2011
  8. No. 6595-6654/QAC-I/PHQ DATED 01/04/2011
  9. No. 6655-6715/QAC-I/PHQ DATED 01/04/2011
  10. No. 14702-760/QAC-I/PHQ DATED 23/12/2010
  11. No. 14457-516/QAC-I/PHQ DATED 21/12/2010
  12. No. 14106-65/QAC-I/PHQ DATED 14/12/2010
  13. No. 13123-83/QAC-I/PHQ DATED 26/11/2010
  14. No. 14580-640/QAC-I/PHQ DATED 05/11/2009
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